Welcome to boblandrey.com (Bob Landrey the Lincolnshire artist and stickmaker)

Welcome to the website of Bob Landrey. Here you will find examples of his art and skills as a walking stick maker.

Bob does not work in just one genre of painting, here you will find Fantasy paintings, from the artist’s imagination, his “cute” paintings, which are mainly of animals, and his photo realistic art painted onto feathers.

Bob Landrey's versatility is further demonstrated by the beautiful walking sticks he makes utilising seasoned hazel which is all sourced from woods in Lincolnshire. The sticks are topped with handles fashioned from a crossing branch or Red Deer Antler.

Bob Landrey is well known for signing his work with a little ladybird, whether it is a feather painting, an animal painting or a fantasy work somewhere on the painting will be a ladybird.

Bob's walking sticks are also signed with a ladybird.

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